Pippa’s Camp Thailand review

I had the most incredible time at Camp Thailand last year! After returning home I wanted to write a Camp Thailand review just so you guys can read about how much of an awesome experience it is. I’d definitely recommend it to everyone! So check out my Camp Thailand review here!

Last year I decided it was time for me to FINALLY take the plunge and go travelling. Asia had always appealed to me but I didn’t have anyone to go with… which is where Camp Thailand comes in. After doing a little bit of online research I thought id give them a call and they were SO helpful, they gave me advice on everything I needed to do and before I knew it, it was official! I WAS GOING TO THAILAND!

One intake just wasn’t enough for me, so I decided to do 6 weeks with Camp Thailand. One intake at Camp Real Thai Experience and one at Camp Chiang Mai, It was the best 6 weeks of my life!



As summer was beginning I couldn’t contain my excitement for my trip with Camp Thailand! I think my friends were getting a little sick of me talking about it. So as soon as the time came to fly to Thailand I quite literally couldn’t be more excited. When I arrived in Thailand I was met by one of the Camp Thailand reps and then taken to the hotel in Bangkok to check in. I spent the next couple days the Bangkok tour, which I’d definitely recommend, it’s the perfect chance to explore Bangkok.


Camp Thailand Review – Camp Real Thai Experience

After a crazy journey from Bangkok, we arrived at in Sing Buri, a Thai village just North of Bangkok. We checked into our new home for the next few weeks and then had a few days to relax before we got into the swing of things.

Before we knew it we were teaching English and doing loads of fun activities. Teaching at the local schools was the most incredible thing I’ve ever done, I’ve never met more appreciative children. They enjoy the lessons so much it’s so lovely to see.  Every day when we arrived they were so happy to see us and even on days when I felt tired, it was so much fun. We just played games and sang songs with them – be prepared to sing head, shoulders, knees and toes around 100 times. After every lesson they would cover you in stickers and want autographs… so make sure to remember a pen!

When we weren’t volunteering we were doing so many different activities. Everything from chilling out at a nearby lake doing water sports to bathing and walking elephants. Plus during the evenings the reps would organise quiz nights and karaoke nights at camp so as you can see it was a busy but incredible month.


Camp Thailand Review – Camp Chiang Mai 

After my first intake in Sing Buri, I went back to Bangkok and said farewell to the other volunteers. It was sad to see them go, but I was so ready to start my next intake at Camp Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai is such a beautiful place, I never seen somewhere so green. It’s just incredible to be surrounded by jungles where ever you go, I’d definitely recommend it as a camp location.Tthe temples in Chiang Mai are gobsmacking, learning about the culture and religion is great if you want to experience Thailand properly. Chiang Mai really has it all, not to mention the incredible nightlife… buckets galore! Finally on your mini break you will head to Hua hin to relax on the beach for your final few days at camp. It was the perfect chance to top up our tans before heading home!

If all of this isn’t enough to persuade you then I don’t know what is but it really was the most incredible 6 weeks of my life. I’m so glad that Camp Thailand gave me the opportunity to do something like this.

I hope you enjoyed my Camp Thailand Review and if you aren’t sure whether to go or not, just book it! You definitely won’t regret it.

Pippa x

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