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Costs & Dates

Check out our costs and dates below!

Camp Chiang Mai
Camp Chiang Mai

All intakes for Camp Chiang Mai are $1629 inc $20 application fee, $199 deposit.

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Camp Phuket
Camp Phuket

All intakes for Camp Phuket are $1849 inc $20 application fee, $199 deposit.

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Camp Real Thai Experience
Camp Real Thai Experience

All intakes for Camp Real Thai Experience are $1549 inc $20 application fee, $199 deposit.

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Camp Hua Hin Beach and Garden
Camp Hua Hin Beach and Garden

All intakes for Camp Hua Hin Beach and Garden are $1549 inc $20 application fee, $199 deposit

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Camp Thailand Costs and Dates 2018 – 2019

At Camp Thailand we have four incredible Camp Locations in 2018 and 2019 for you to choose from. Check out the Camp Thailand Costs and Dates for each of these camp locations below. If you aren’t sure which camp location to choose, click here for some advice from the incredible Camp Thailand team.

Camp Hua Hin Beach and Garden – $1599

18th May – 8th June

1st June – 22nd June

15th June – 6th July

29th June – 20th July

27th July – 17th August

10th August – 31st August

24th August – 14th September

7th September – 28th September

2nd November – 23rd November

16th November – 7th December

30th November – 21st December

4th January – 25th January 2019

18th January – 8th February 2019

1st February – 22nd February 2019


Camp Real Thai Experience – $1599

5th April – 26th April (Songkran 13th – 15th April – Friday- Sunday)

19th April – 10th May

3rd May – 24th May

17th May – 7th June

31st May – 21st June

14th June – 5th July

28th June – 19th July

26th July – 16th August

9th August – 30th August

23rd August – 13th September

6th September – 27th September

21st September -12th October


Camp Phuket – $2049

11th May – 1st June

25th May – 15th June

8th June – 29th June

22nd June – 13th July

20th July – 10th August

3rd August – 24th August

17th August – 7th September

31st August – 21st September

14th September – 5th October


Camp Chiang Mai – $1699

16th May – 6th June

30th May – 20th June

13th June – 4th July

27th June – 18th July

25th July – 15th August

8th August – 29th August

22nd August – 12th September

5th September – 26th September


Camp Thailand Costs – What’s Not Included?

+ $42 Police Check

Medical Form (Your GP may charge you for completion)

Any additional tours or EP elective you wish to join

Flights and Insurance

Transport/Accommodation For Pre-Departure Orientation Meeting

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